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Engineering is an interesting and demanding field in Canada. There are good job prospects, and you will get high salaries too. That’s why you will notice that the engineering departments of colleges and universities in Canada are always full of students. Even people from abroad come to Canada to learn engineering because of the good quality of education.

If you are an engineer and living in Canada, then you will know about the various engineering associations. You can share with our readers the activities and events these associations conduct, how to become a member of these associations, and what benefits you can gain from them.

You need to write articles regarding the engineering association’s services like consultation or research. You will know about conferences and seminars in this field, and you can write about them too. The readers will know from your articles the dates of the conferences, the ticket prices, keynote speakers, research works, and more.

Your articles must be plagiarism-free and not published elsewhere. We want our readers to benefit from reading the articles. You should do thorough research to know about the latest news and trends in the industry.

If you mention any financial data or other facts about the industry, then please mention the source of your information. We want our readers to get only genuine information.

You must include relevant images with the articles. The title of the article should be interesting so that the readers feel motivated to go through your article. You should write in short paragraphs to make your article more readable.

Once you submit your article, our team will review it and give you feedback. You should then edit the article accordingly and resubmit. Once your article is published in our magazine, we will promote it on our social media sites as well. So, you will get a lot of exposure as a writer. If you need more information about this writing position, then you can contact us.