Bit of History

The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) was founded in 1933. Staying faithful to its original covenant, RSES continues to conduct educational meetings, seminars, workshops, technical qualification and examination programs, training courses and publishes several volumes of books (the "SAM" series), publishes its own monthly trade magazine, (the RSES Journal), and conducts other related activities.

The first RSES Canadian chapter was officially recognized in 1937 under the charter name of Ontario Maple Leaf. The originators credited for the formation of the Ontario Maple Leaf were Bert Nye and Art Doan. Their efforts started the ball rolling for the numerous Canadian chapters that quickly followed such as: Forrest Chapter (London) in 1937, Mont Royal (Montreal) in 1938, followed by Ottawa, the Maritimes, Windsor, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Kitchener, Victoria, Quebec City, Three Rivers, Hamilton, Regina and Saskatoon. Some nineteen chapters with over 1,000 members.

By 1939, our first Constitution & Bylaws had been written and adopted. In 1940, RSES Canada's 1st Annual Educational Conference was held in Toronto at the King Edward Hotel. This started what is now known as one of industries best educational conference with trade specific seminars and trade show.

Bit of History

In 1951, plans began to take shape to ensure that RSES Canada would have it's own identity and be protected under the laws of the Dominion of Canada. On December 22nd, 1951, the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (Canada) duly became a Corporation with all the rights and powers given by the said Act and for the following purposes and objects, namely:

  1. to promote the art and science of refrigeration engineering and the knowledge of the members in connection with the practice of refrigeration;

  2. to prepare and distribute among the members useful and practical information concerning the design, construction, operation and servicing of refrigeration machinery and to hold conferences and meetings for the discussion of problems relating to refrigeration engineering and for social fellowship;

All in all, today, RSES (Canada) has 31 chapters across the country spanning form Newfoundland to British Columbia that have access to educational courses in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Heat Pump, Controls, and Electricity.

Mini-courses have also been developed on Trade Tools, Test Instruments, Principles of Refrigeration, Condensers, Cooling Towers, Safety, Instruments, Controls, Oil Burners, Electric Heating, Heat Pumps, IAQ and numerous other HVACR group or individual study courses... 23 in all. With CD-Rom based training, our library is forever growing to meet the demands and needs.

With continued support for individual members, RSES (Canada) also provides corporate membership in order to continue the legacy of "Better Service Through Knowledge".

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